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My 64K intro from Icing ’95

Just recently the demo group Farbrausch decided to release their demo tools source code on GitHub. A few days later we saw the release of the original Prince of Persia source code on GitHub. These two events inspired me to go seek my own roots and look for some of the stuff from my demo scene past. I made a few demos and intros both for Amiga and PC during the 90s and I thought, what the heck, maybe it could be fun to put it up!

So I took some time to dig out an old intro that I actually had kept the source code for and I’m posting it on GitHub if anyone is interested. It is a 64K intro that came 3rd place at Icing in 1995. I got it running in Dosbox and made a video of it below if you want to check it out.

Now remember that this was made back in ’95. There were no 3d cards, no DirectX, no Mp3 audio etc. All you see was coded in x86 assembler, ran on a 486DX4 and it all fits in a 64K file.

Now go check out the source code: