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I am game developer!

Wow, time flies! Time for a little update here…So many months have passed since my last post that it is almost embarrassing!

So what have I been up to then? Well, as I sit here sipping on my drink and enjoying my vacation I think I have finally landed a bit after a quite intense but truly amazing year. You see, last summer I got an offer to take on a new job as a game developer working with the iOS platform. Making games has been a dream since I was a kid and hacked away on demos all night long so I didn’t have to think long before I accepted this challenge.

Challenge? Why call it a challenge? Game development is just playing around all day and having fun isn’t it? No way José, I can tell you it’s not. Game development is one of the most difficult programming tasks you can take on. It requires skills in so many areas, especially if you are a small team, such as mathematics, physics, graphics, optimization etc. It is truly challenging, and that is why I enjoy it so much. My background in demo programming is worth gold here as I have experienced a lot of the same problems in that area (even though things have progressed a lot since back then).

VS.-Racing-2My full time job this past year has been working on a little racing game called Vs. Racing 2. Since this game is for iOS I had to switch to Mac and learn Objective C and OpenGL. In addition I also learned a lot of Python since we use that for some tools and also on our servers running on Google AppEngine.

As you can imagine, for me this was a leap into the technological unknown after having worked with Windows and .NET for more or less twelve years straight. But it has been very rewarding and fun to learn all this new stuff and I don’t regret it one bit!

In my future post I will try to share the things I have learned such as the differences between C# and Objective C so stay tuned…


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