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Windows 8 is here!

Feeling pretty excited after watching the keynote announcing Windows 8 today!

First and foremost it erases all doubts people have had about Silverlight/XAML going away. It’s not going away but instead it is becoming a primary and native technology for developing Windows apps. Another cool thing is that XAML is no longer restricted to .NET but it can also be used from C++ if you need to squeeze out that extra performance in your app. In addition to this you can also write apps using HTML5 and Javascript to run natively on Windows using the same new WinRT APIs. This is great because all those different technologies are good in different situations. To be able to choose the one you like is excellent. To me, it’s like Christmas!

Not only is this a great platform to build stuff for, but it also feels great that you can use the awesome tools Visual Studio and Blend to do it!

All in all, I just wanted to make a quick post about this because it’s such great news. Windows 8 has a lot of new cool features that I recommend you check out.

The preview version of Windows 8 will be available later tonight from so make sure you try it out!


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