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If you’ve used the System.Uri class in .NET you may have stumbled upon the need to extract the base part of the URL and found no obvious solution. You know, you have a URL that looks like this:

And you want to get only this part:

If you put the long URL in a Uri object you would expect to be able to get the domain name part via a simple property but as you look through the class you won’t find it. There is a property called Authority for getting “” but then you need to concatenate that with the Scheme property which contains “http” and add “://” in between them to get a valid URL. Looks quite cumbersome to me.

I seem to hit this problem every once in a while and I keep forgetting how to do it properly. To me this indicates that the class is missing something obvious. Actually it has a method for getting what I want, and it is called GetLeftPart().

The GetLeftPart() method takes a UriPartial enum that describes how much of the URL to return. If we pass “Authority” to it we get what we want!

Interesting solution
Now I wouldn’t have blogged about this if the GetLeftPart() method was the end of it all. What I really wanted was an easy way to access the base URL and ideally that would be via a property. To achieve this we can create our own class that derives from Uri and add the property there.

Another interesting solution that I found is to add an extension method to the Uri class. Unfortunately there are no extension properties (yet) so we will have to settle for a method called GetBaseUrl(). Here is some code to do it:

namespace System
    public static class Extensions {
        public static string GetBaseUrl(this Uri uri)
            return uri.GetLeftPart(UriPartial.Authority);

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