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A child is born

This week on 8 April our second daughter was finally born! My wife was getting crazy with the big belly in the end so we were really happy when it got going. The delivery took quite a while I must say. Giving birth is a really painful business that can be compared to a 24 hour agonizing torture with a happy ending (usually). But nevertheless, everything went well in the end and the little girl got out safe and dandy and we’re now back home again…

I’ve added a picture of her to the right. Cute isn’t she? 🙂

I have taken a small break from my recent OS development adventure. I’ve been quite exhausted lately so my inspiration is lost. I’m sure it will be back soon so there’s no need to rush anything. For now I’m just enjoying some time off from work and taking care of the family.


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  1. Unknown said:

    Congratulations Pontus, to you and your family! Enjoy this time, and remember it the next time you get tired about the screaming of the kids… Good luck for the future!

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